Technical Support Services

We have one of the most organized technical support structures in our area.

Quality, efficiency and low maintenance cost us, always keeping pace with the needs of the day and respecting the financial capacity of professionals today.

Both the Nilfisk manufacturer's warranty on all the machinery we represent, and our facilities, is known in advance and is 100% complied with no exceptions.

Operating and operating safety is a vital feature of any high quality machine. The use of original spare parts is top quality, warranty, excellent compatibility and perfectly harmonized operation of all components.

The professionalism of our workshops, as in all the services we provide, will impress you. The speed of reaction - repair is a challenge for us to continually improve. The customer and his needs are always in focus.

The cost of our services is known in advance and no unpleasant 'surprise' will be waiting for you

We provide technical support after a simple phone call, within specific timeframes to be determined.

In technical support, our services include:

• Technical Support Office

• Extensive stock

• Partnerships with central parts stores for fast delivery

• Specially tailored technical support contracts

• Preventive maintenance contracts

• Replacement machinery

• Highly skilled technicians


To contact our Technical Support department you can call us on +30 23310 91635 daily 09:00 - 17:00 or by email at